Embedded OGG Vorbis

We are noticed that there are some people who are bothered with the fact of have to link with multiple libraries (libogg, libvorbis and libvorbisfile) only for have support for another audio format.

For this reason we made a reduced ogg vorbis library subset only for decode it. And then we included this code inside BrainWave. We said reduced because it is only 135 kb in size.

Note that the sizes of these libraries are (MinGW GCC 4.4.1):
  • libogg_static: 15 KB
  • libvorbis_static: 1313KB
  • libvorbisfile_static: 28 KB
Total: 1356 KB
Due to the fact that there can be some people that maybe want to use these 3 libs for his own purposes, or because there will be some people that maybe don’t want ogg support at all, we made three separated libraries:
  • One with OGG Vorbis embedded
  • Other one without OGG Vorbis embedded that permits you to link with the original libraries.
  • Other one without any OGG Vorbis support.
In this way, the BrainWave users can select the best choice for his app.

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