We offer services as game production and game porting.

Videogame Production

In Lucera we produce videogames, either on demand or as indie titles. We handle the project from start to finish, using agile development techniques.

From the idea conception, through development of logic and the creative side, until get the final product.

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Videogame Porting

In Lucera we are capable of porting games from any platform to those supported by our technology: Windows, Linux, MacOSX, iOS and Android.

The interesting part about our technology is that no development is needed for each version, but once the conversion of the videogame, we can easily distribute it on other platforms with little effort.

Because Apple does not support Flash, this is usually a platform that we are used to porting to iOS.

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From Lucera we propose you to reach your customers through a more friendly and funny platform: Advertgaming.

Here we report the benefits of this new format:

  • Advertising that is not bothersome. The players accept advertising within the games, when it is well integrated and not too intrusive.
  • Interactivity. Allows the user to stop being a spectator to actively become part of the message.
  • Effectiveness. High contact time between the brand and the customer, a consumer can enjoy 5 to 35 minutes, on average, with an advertising game.
  • Viral Marketing. The functionality “tell a friend” (send to a friend) for recommendations to acquaintances.

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Native Apps

In Lucera we also develop native applications for iOS and Android, if what you need is an application, you have found your team.

We develop native applications quickly and efficiently and conform to your requests.

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