In this section you will find the projects we have done and the ones we are currently working on.

We continue to develop video games, some in collaboration with other companies and some independently.

If you are interested in our services, to port or to create video games, do not hesitate to contact us

Functional Zone 2.0

Functional Zone 2.0 is the second iteration of the software to control the Pavigym’s intelligent floor.

This version has added touch screen control, an aspect more carefully and animations in the graphical environment.

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Functional Zone 1.0

Functional Zone 1.0 is a software that allows us to control the floors of Pavigym. The intelligent and interactive floor with integrated LED lights.

With this tool you can select different exercises to perform. The application will guide you to choose the exercise and show how to do it correctly.

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Functional Zone

Functional Zone by Pavigym
400+ Functional Training exercises.
Learn how to combine different exercises and create fun and effective sessions.
Design your own classes or choose ours that have been designed by top trainers.
The best tool for Pavigym´s Functional Zone.

Angry Boo

Angry Boo is a game brainchild of Yubi Games in which from Lucera we helped to develop for IOS, using the cocos2d library. In this game we help Boo to recover all its treasures!

Angry Boo is a platformer game where you take the role of Angry Boo, who has been robbed of all their money. Boo should be launched between different scenarios in a total of 28 action-packed levels.

Hugh’s Shop

Hugh’s Shop is a game where we will have to help Hugh to collect all the fruits you can and prevent them from falling on the ground.


WeightControl is an application that allows you to monitor and control your weight in a visual way, being the ideal for people starting a diet or have signed up to a gym to increase muscle mass.

WeightControl is designed for people who want to gain or lose weight, or just want to keep track of this. Thanks to the historical weight measurements you will see your progress, for weeks, months or years, easily graphically and can also observe the trend of your weight in certain moments in history. You can also view your weighing in a list, where you can watch the progress of your weight over time.

Another interesting aspect is the application that lets you define milestones to help motivate you to reach your ideal weight.

The units of measurement and targets can be easily changed in the application preferences.

Detailed information about WeightControl

Invisible Runner

Invisible Runner is a game, based on an original idea of Devilish Games, we have ported to iPhone.

It is a platform game where the character is invisible. The player must go across 25 levels full of surprises using his skill, intuition and some items that will provide visibility to the character for a few seconds.

Geek Wars!

Geek Wars! is a game based on: Rock, Paper, Scissors
But with two new elements: Spock and Lizard.
The rules are simple, each element can beat two other elements, draw with itself or lose with the two remaining.
You must beat the waves of enemies using the down buttons to launch an item to eliminate the enemies that approximate the bottom side.

The Galactic Melody Catcher

The Galactic Melody Catcher is a game, based on an original idea of Devilish Games, we have ported to iPhone.

It is an original platform game where you must go 25 colorful planets collecting tunes and surprises …


LittleGame includes four mini-games for children, designed to enhance different aspects of learning.

  • Couples: It’s a memory game where you start with a set of cards face down and you can go uncovered cards two by two, to get the pair of each card.
  • Silhouettes: The objective is, given a figure, the child must identify which would be its shadow or silhouette. The child must drag each figure to its corresponding shadow.
  • Labyrinth: The purpose of this game is to find the road that links the two animals. This game helps improve fine motor skills.
  • Sudokus: Designed for children, using funny animals instead of numbers. The child must fill all the empty spaces dragging figures from the left side with his finger, taking into account that can’t repeat any figure either horizontally or vertically, or within each block.

Detailed information about LittleGame