Little Game

Four entertaining games for little kids


LittleGame includes four mini-games for children, designed to enhance different aspects of learning.

  • Couples: It’s a memory game where you start with a set of cards face down and you can go uncovered cards two by two, to get the pair of each card.
  • Silhouettes: The objective is, given a figure, the child must identify which would be its shadow or silhouette. The child must drag each figure to its corresponding shadow.
  • Labyrinth: The purpose of this game is to find the road that links the two animals. This game helps improve fine motor skills.
  • Sudokus: Designed for children, using funny animals instead of numbers. The child must fill all the empty spaces dragging figures from the left side with his finger, taking into account that can’t repeat any figure either horizontally or vertically, or within each block.

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