Funtional Zone 3.0

The software to make the fitness interactive and fun.

Functional Zone 3.0

Functional Zone 3.0 is the third iteration of the software to control Pavigym 3.0, the intelligent and interactive floor with integrated LED lights.

In this version, many improvements have been added:

  • Control multiple computers, group trainings.
  • Control distinct stations:
    • Sprint
    • Square
    • Vertical
    • Combo
  • Ability to practice different types of exercises:
    • Simple exercises.
    • Personal testing.
    • Exercise programs.
    • Competition events.
  • Control sound and special effects.
  • Control ambient light.
  • Management of personal records.
  • Integrated management of exercises, tests, programs and events.

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  • Idioma: Spanish, English, French, German
  • Cliente: Pavigym

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