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LittleGame includes four mini-games for children, designed to enhance different aspects of learning. The nice aspect of the figures and entertaining games ensure that the children develop attention, memory, recognition and deduction while having fun playing. Furthermore, this game has been adjusted by children and teachers of primary school, allowing a challenge for children.

The children's game is an activity that can be approached from many points of view, one of them is education.

The games included in LittleGame are:

The advantages provided by LittleGame to the children are:


  • Develop the capacity of attention.
  • Facilitate a strategy of memory through image association.
  • Develop the skills of classification, recognition and assimilation of concepts.
  • Develop the capacity of short-term memory and to form partnerships and relationships.



  • Ability to object recognition.
  • Discrimination of shapes, colors, sizes and positions.
  • Ability to play models.
  • Analysis, hypothesis, comparison, trial and error.



  • Stimulates and enhances their math skills, logic and critical thinking
  • Excellent learning tool that helps strengthen the skills of reasoning and calculation.



  • Develop the skills of children and their powers of observation.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Develops creative thinking and constructive.
  • Increases dexterity.
  • Develops sensitivity, imagination and creativity.
  • Improving the development of perception.


Comments from various countries:

  • My kids love it!
  • Fun for children, developing their cognitive skills while they play.
  • Who has kids knows how hard it is to educate them, this is a different way for they learn while playing!
  • My wife and me are not the kind of parents letting our child playing any videogame but this is precisely the kind of game we have been looking for a while. It works like a charm getting my son enjoyed while I get some house keeping done. I really agree with my wife when she says the price of this little game is more than deserved. Actually I agree with my wife when she says the price of this game is well deserved.
  • It was time to begin to get good applications and games for children.
  • Easy, intuitive and you get four games for the price of one.
  • A good game to get my son let me watch TV ...