We move to Unity3D

Finally, we decided to move to Unity, for this project (FairyTales) at least, as we would love to carry this game to consoles, and it seems the easiest way to get it.


Obviously it’s a big step because MindShake (our own game engine) works very well, and we know it even better, but we think it takes us a long time to keep up to date, and Unity saved us that work, focusing more on development our games, and avoiding the temptation to expand MindShake to support new features… 😛

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Aside from knowing very well MindShake, does things the way we want and we have access to high and low level to any element, etc. With regard to Unity, we still have to get used to its quirks. Although we would not take long to get used to them.

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