Port of Abbaye des morts to HTML5

L’Abbaye des morts is a video game from the prolific @locomalito (website) that we have ported to HTML5 + JS with the use of the Phaser framework.


In this game you embody Jean Raymond, a monk of the order of the Cathars, persecuted by the Catholic Church for heresy by preaching about the poverty of Christ and a life without material aspirations.

This is a platform game where you must survive different rooms of an abandoned church, to solve the mystery that lies there.

The style of the original game is plain colors, very similar to the colors used in the old ZX Spectrum. But you can also switch to the 256 colors graphics on the main menu screen.


The game, which was originally developed under GameMaker, has been ported to HTML5 + JS trying to respect the original as much as possible.

Both source code and game resources are available in the github repository.

Used tools:

As code editor Brackets has been used.

For the port the Phaser framework has been used, an open source library that greatly facilitate the task.

The maps have been created using Tiled .

As image editor has been used Paint.NET by the convenience of using layers without a heavier tool.


Here you have the links to details in our portfolio, the online game and source code repository.

More details Play Online Repository

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