New version of WeightControl

We have just launched an update for WeightControl app (available for iPhone). That allows you to keep track of weight and can help as dieting control.

The new features are impressive, we have reprogrammed critical sections as the data introduction screen and charts visualization.

Now the daily task of introduce weights will be much more simple and more intuitive, we have remade the device interface to be more natural for the user. In just a few clicks you will introduce a new weight in the data base. We also added the option to edit weights in the same input interface, now you may modify the weights by simply changing the date and completing the new weight.

Moreover we have a new charts display system, which conforms to the selected range to view detail data for that period. A simple graphic but it brings a lot of information, each point on the graph can be touched to display the date and exact weight, a line indicates the trend of weight, and easily recognizable marks are used for goals.
Finally, in the application’s web site you can find a complete user manual with screenshots so you can better understand all the options.

In summary, we have reprogrammed the application to increase the usability and user satisfaction.

Available on AppStore

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