FairyTales: NPC design

This week we show you a new character of Fairy Tale´s universe, in this case he is not an enemy, but an neutral character: Mister Rock Golem.

This character does not have the ability of attack or defend himself, not even to move around the scenario. In other situations, a rock golem would be allowed to move and destroy everything in its wake, but in this case he would be less destructive…


Mister Rock Golem will help us to reach high places that we cannot normally reach, or go down to deep places so that the fall cannot hurt us. Although he also can block our way to certain places.

Some people can think that as our main character is a fairy, she has wings and can reach everywhere. But this character rather than flying, she floats and needs some help to reach some places in the game.

Here you can see the previous sketches in which we based it:


And here you have an animation:

Hope you enjoy it!

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