We paused the TinyWorlds project

After almost a year of work in TinyWorlds, we have been forced to pause our more ambitious project.

For better or worse, we established a high quality standard and we could not achieve them in the set time, what has led us to abandon –but no to cancel- the project, since we are not satisfied with what we have at this time.
We have decided to change our direction by doing another type of game, a simpler game, technically speaking. We will focus on fun. But before to changing the project, we think is a good mental exercise to realize a little retrospective analysis on what we have been doing.

One of Lucera´s biggest problems is that we are a bit uncommunicative. In general, we are centered in our daily work, that is what we love to do, and we do not spend enough time telling it to the world, in a way that it looks like we are not doing anything during months because only we can see our advances and we are the only ones who know that we are working on it almost everyday of the week. This year we are going to try to use more this blog and be more communicative.
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Textures added to TinyWorlds

We are working on the graphic aspect of TinyWorlds, this is a small example of what we have done so far, but we are improving graphics.

We are also working on a mini site to explain what is the game about and its theme, soon we will show more progress.

Obviously this is a provisional aspect.

Improved movement in TinyWorlds

We have been working on character movement in TinyWorlds, here’s a sample:

You can see how is deformed when moving or jumping, and how regains its shape when standing.

In this video you can also appreciate the use of the camera that chases the player (white cross) and how it changes the zoom level.
The red squares seen in the platforms are the control points used to define them.

We are waiting for your comments, suggestions and opinions.

New project

We have started to work on our next title.

Here you can see a preview, although it is not how the final version will look like.

We wanted to innovate in the field of platform games, adding little worlds with their own gravity.

We are still working on the game mechanics. Game characters move on a spline (curve) which can have any shape (so far, they have shape of planets), characters can be Sprites or Blobs formed by curves.