Sound Track for LittleGame

We had a great update to the game LittleGame, this time we added sound. In collaboration with Machinet, a great professional, which has been commissioned to compose a melody in the line of the type of game. The soundtrack is great for the game for its simplicity and subtlety, is a music that accompanies the game perfectly, adding fun and entertainment.

We bring you a video so you can enjoy it.

LittleGame new update

Apple has finally accepted our updated “LittleGame for iPad” (since late July).

The problem was that Apple initially accepted the name “LittleGame iPad”, but later decided that this name was invalid and we had to change it. But we are not allowed to change the name of an application that was on sale! Finally, after more than two months and after talking with three different departments of Apple, they has allowed us to upload an update with a valid name: “LittleGame for iPad.”

Hope you enjoy!

New versión of LittleGame

Shortly you will be able to enjoy LittleGame’s new version with support for iPhone 4 (retina display) and for iPad.

These new versions include improved graphics and a better user experience, especially in the iPad version that has delighted children in all our preliminary tests.

We hope you like it and your children enjoy the game.