A week of events

As we discussed above, last week we have been in Barcelona, ​​because have coincided three interesting events for the scene of the Spanish’s videogame:

Among the three events we have received much feedback for our game FairyTales, that people very liked. Especially they praised the control and the game art, stating repeatedly that production levels were very high, and every detail in the game was very carefully handled. All that, considering that it is in a pre-alpha version.
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We’ll show FairyTales at Gamelab Barcelona

This year we will attend Gamelab Barcelona 2015, and exhibit our game FairyTales at the indie exhibitor.

You can find us between other indie studios in the Indie Hub.

Receive firsthand’s feedback and see the reactions of the players in live is very rewarding, so we are looking forward you to take hands on to play, and share your opinion.
Although we have never participated in an event like this and we’re a little nervous, sure we had a good time and disconnect a bit of daily work.

See you in Barcelona!

Unexpected visit

This Wednesday we received the visit of a group of primary school students who showed up in our office. Apparently, they were in a excursion in our area, and as their teacher knows us (she is my wife ;D), we were assaulted by 23 children of 7 or 8 years old, and how could it be otherwise they were our beta testers (we were afraid of say no).

They played the pre-alpha version of FairyTales with just one map and they loved it. They understood immediately the dynamics of the game and everyone wanted to play a game, which encourages us to continue with the project ^_^
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