Unexpected visit

This Wednesday we received the visit of a group of primary school students who showed up in our office. Apparently, they were in a excursion in our area, and as their teacher knows us (she is my wife ;D), we were assaulted by 23 children of 7 or 8 years old, and how could it be otherwise they were our beta testers (we were afraid of say no).

They played the pre-alpha version of FairyTales with just one map and they loved it. They understood immediately the dynamics of the game and everyone wanted to play a game, which encourages us to continue with the project ^_^
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A Game Jam has been held (1)​ at the University of Alicante for two years.
So far, we have participated as members of the jury in previous editions (2) of GameJamUA, but this year we can finally participate as sponsors, something that we had been demanding since the first edition of the contest.

We hope that talent will continue rising in the contestants’ proposals, which are getting more and more innovative.

(1) For those who do not know, a Game Jam is a contest where a group of developers (programmers, artists,
designers and others) meet to plan, design and develop a videogame in a short period of time. Generally between 24 and 48 hours.

(2) Previous editions of the GameJam:

  • First Edition: November 2, 2012
  • Second Edition: February 8, 2013
  • Third Edition: September 20, 2013


Lucera at Murcia Game Party

On Saturday April 19th we took part in a roundtable conference at the Murcia Game Party, together with Lemon Team and Neterea Studios, as representatives of P.A.D. (Professional Associated Developers).

It didn’t start very well because some delay had been accumulated after various speeches, and ours was the last of the morning, but people cheered up gradually and asked questions, some very interesting ones were raised, and in the end time seemed to be too short. We would have needed one or two more hours.

Discusion at CAMON

On Monday November 24, we will participate in discussion at CAMON facilities.

The event opens with the title “more than just video games“, we will participate with other companies in the gaming industry on the Alicante area.
We’ll talk about the beginnings of Lucera, the motivations that led us to undertake this adventure and our business models.

We will share space with others companies like Devilish Games or Team Lemon that are highly relevant to the sector.

We invite you to participate in this event, which you can access for free by registering on the web. Besides talking about the evolution of the participating companies will evaluate the current state of the industry. We hope it is a time when we can share ideas and experiences with you all.

Windows Phone 7

This week we are in Barcelona getting a course on Microsoft’s future mobile: Windows Phone 7.

Currently it looks awesome, especially the Expression Blend tool, which allows you to create applications for WPF, Silverlight and the future Windows Phone 7. I will mention that, for now you have to install a plug-in to compile apps for the Windows Phone 7 emulator, but at the end of this year a special free version will be available to do it.
This plugin includes an emulator that works pretty well, despite it is a bit slow starting the operating system.

The downside is that you can only program for the future mobile in C#, so that if we want to see our games in this new device, we would have to port both our game engine and the games themselves to C#, which does not look pretty feasible at this moment (We’ll see it).

Videogames speech on the University of Alicante

On April 29 and 30 will take place ‘Videogame Conferences‘ organized by the Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante.

These days consist of several speeches made by various experts, will also include an introductory workshop to the design of video games.

Lucera Project have been invited to participate in this conference as speakers at the talk ‘How to create a game engine from scratch‘, which we impart the 29th at 13:30. In this talk we will discuss the design of our game engine as a case study.

There are also other community companies who participate in this conference as LemonTeam or Devilish Games.

We hope to offer a presentation of quality and you like it!

Today is Ada Lovelace’s day

Ada Lovelace is often regarded as the world’s first computer programmer (we are speaking of the first half of the nineteenth century), being the first woman who gave a description of how to operate the Charles Babbage’s analytical engine machine, even before the construction of any model. Self-taught for years helped Baggage while theorizing about his analytical engine.