New versions of all our games

During this time we have been adding many improvements to our game engine, and we wanted to create new versions of all our games, so you can enjoy them.
Some of these enhancements are:
  • Improvements and modernization of the the Renderer
  • Improvements in the Texture system
  • Improvements in all the Window Managers (especially in the IOS version)
  • Better integration with IOS
  • Improved Touch manager
  • Improvements in the main class of our game engine (Device)
  • Improvements in our image loading library
  • Improvements in our audio library (BrainWave)
  • Improvements in all of our entities (Sprites, Meshes and Texts)
  • Improvements in the Material system
  • Improvements in the SceneManager
  • Improvements in our License system
  • Improvements in our Math library
  • Improvements in our Collision system
  • Improved text rendering
To summarize, now our game engine is even easier to use, more efficient and looks better.
We leave you some samples so you can see the most obvious changes (using exactly the same textures):

(Pulsa sobre las imágenes para poder apreciar las diferencias)
Now we are expecting Apple to aprove theese versions.
Enjoy them!


We’ve added a new object to CObjectLayer, it is a generic mesh. So, now you can mix sprites, texts and generic meshes in the same layer.

In addition, a mesh can be composed by submeshes, and you can assign different ways of rendering for each submesh: Points, Lines, LineStrip, LineLoop, Triangles, TriangleStrip and TriangleFan.

These meshes are fully editable and you can add and modify at any time: VertexPosition, VertexColor, VertexTextureCoords, VertexNormal. Finally, tell that the user can add VertexIndexes if the mesh is not linear.

Otherwise, it behaves like an ordinary sprite.