FairyTales: Improved trees

These weeks we have been working on improving the depth feel of ‘FairyTales’ and creating a better environment, so we have not such a spectacular advance as the previous to show you.

This time we are going to show the progress that has had one of the decorative elements: the trees.


  1. As you can see in the first version, roots had no integration with the ground and connections of the branches was very visible.
  2. In the second iteration, the angular shape of the trunk is corrected and the joints of the branches to the trunk are hidden, the union of the roots with the soil is improved and softens the contrast of light and shadows.
  3. Finally, in the third version, the tree has a knobby texture, and joints (both the root and the branches) can hardly be seen.

At first glance it may seem like a simple advance but we want to get a high quality game and we’re polishing every detail.

Again, we hope you like.
And if you want to support us you can do something as simple as sharing the project with your acquaintances 😉

FairyTales: Mr Snail presentation

We are working to complete the details of the first phase of FairyTales, and among those details is the battle with the final boss.

In this case, the final boss is Mr. Snail:

In this video you can see the boss look, but we are going to leave the other details to be shown later.

As usually, we hope you like it!

FairyTales: First animations for the new fairy (WIP)

This week we want to show you the early version of the animations from the new design of the fairy in Fairytales. We are amazed how easy it is to use Spine (EsotericSoftware) to make a 2D character appears to be 3D:
Although we are still developing the character, here you have the idle loop so that you can see it, and compare it with the previous version:

We hope you like it!

A week of events

As we discussed above, last week we have been in Barcelona, ​​because have coincided three interesting events for the scene of the Spanish’s videogame:

Among the three events we have received much feedback for our game FairyTales, that people very liked. Especially they praised the control and the game art, stating repeatedly that production levels were very high, and every detail in the game was very carefully handled. All that, considering that it is in a pre-alpha version.
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FairyTales: Game elements (III)

This week we show you a new game element, the exit portal

Remember that so far we have shown the Lady Firefly, the stairs and Mister Golem.

The exit portal, as its name suggests will allow us to exit the level, but to go through it must be active.

Later we will explain more about the conditions to activate the portal, for now here is the animation:

Hope you like it!

We’ll show FairyTales at Gamelab Barcelona

This year we will attend Gamelab Barcelona 2015, and exhibit our game FairyTales at the indie exhibitor.

You can find us between other indie studios in the Indie Hub.

Receive firsthand’s feedback and see the reactions of the players in live is very rewarding, so we are looking forward you to take hands on to play, and share your opinion.
Although we have never participated in an event like this and we’re a little nervous, sure we had a good time and disconnect a bit of daily work.

See you in Barcelona!

FairyTales: Game elements (II)

Following with the game elements (here you have the stairs and Mister Golem), we introduce you to Lady Firefly.

This game element acts as a switch, and as you can see in animation that we show below, its status (awake or asleep) indicates whether it is on or off.

Here is the animation:

Hope you enjoy it!

FairyTales: Game elements

This time we will show the progress we have made in the game elements. In FairyTales even we manage a fairy, it can not fly, so must use other elements to reach high altitudes.

We already presented Mister Golem, this time if we are going to show the “stairs” which are a growing vines that we can use to climb.

Here’s an animation:

Hope you like it!

Advances in FairyTales

This week we have been adding support for Legacy/DirectInput Joysticks on Windows, since it seems that do not work quite right, as in MindShake worked perfectly, we have ported the code. In that sense we liked Unity, as it is easily expandable. If something is not supported, you can create a dynamic library in C and fix it.

In the visual aspect, this week we focused on the background, creating a small shader for the sky, and adding some distant elements (such as mountains) to create depth. We have also created another small shader to simulate lava you can find on some rocks, and finally we added the shot of snails.

Apart from this, we have decided to reimplement the physical for the main character toward the world, because sometimes was not working quite right. It was initially implemented by colliders and triggers, but we thought it might work better using raycasting. The downside is that we had to redo a lot of work, but we are happy with the result.

FairyTales: Enemies design (II)

We have been working in order to define some enemies to the first phase of the video game and, at moment, the enemies will be ‘evil’ snails.

It could not be missed a flying enemy, in this case a group of snails have mutated in order to fly (thanks to beautiful butterfly wings), this way a new specie rises: the evil Flying Snail. Do not be distracted by its charm, because when it sees you it will not hesitate to attack you.

Another mutations that snails have suffered in this story has created the specie of the evil Runner Snail, which seems very angry and although it may seem contradictory, this snail chases you at full speed!

And here we show you the evolution of the designs:

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