Animation Master Class

Today we have received in our office an unexpected visit of Ignacio Sastre, excellent animator and indie developer.

He only came to drink coffee with us, but he has ended up giving us an awesome master class about animation, appointing us to the 12 basic principles in animation of the famous Disney book: The Illusion of Life.


Here you have a small list of the basics principles explained in the book:

  1. Stretching and shrinking
  2. Anticipation
  3. Staging
  4. Direct action and pose to pose
  5. Continuous action and superposition
  6. Slow entrances and slow exits
  7. Arches
  8. Secondary action
  9. Rhythm
  10. Exaggeration/Magnification
  11. Solid drawings
  12. Personality or appearance

It has been really impressive to see how quickly he has summarized the concepts using paper and pencil, as well as Spine and 3D Studio MAX.

Finally, here you have a video where you can watch the 12 basic principles.

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