Advances in FairyTales

This week we have been adding support for Legacy/DirectInput Joysticks on Windows, since it seems that do not work quite right, as in MindShake worked perfectly, we have ported the code. In that sense we liked Unity, as it is easily expandable. If something is not supported, you can create a dynamic library in C and fix it.

In the visual aspect, this week we focused on the background, creating a small shader for the sky, and adding some distant elements (such as mountains) to create depth. We have also created another small shader to simulate lava you can find on some rocks, and finally we added the shot of snails.

Apart from this, we have decided to reimplement the physical for the main character toward the world, because sometimes was not working quite right. It was initially implemented by colliders and triggers, but we thought it might work better using raycasting. The downside is that we had to redo a lot of work, but we are happy with the result.

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