A week of events

As we discussed above, last week we have been in Barcelona, ​​because have coincided three interesting events for the scene of the Spanish’s videogame:

Among the three events we have received much feedback for our game FairyTales, that people very liked. Especially they praised the control and the game art, stating repeatedly that production levels were very high, and every detail in the game was very carefully handled. All that, considering that it is in a pre-alpha version.

Interestingly we received more feedback on the PAD Congress, where we did not have a stand, than in GameLab where we had it. Probably because the PAD Congress was not so crowded, or because the beers were free ^_^

Besides the typical contradictions: The game is very easy vs the game is very difficult, the level is very long vs the level is very short, … There were people like:

whom took a special interest in FairyTales, making a thorough analysis and offering valuable suggestions. Thank you very much!

Regarding the PAD Congress, there were interesting lectures, and how it usually happens to us, we didn’t arrived in time for lunch, as we were talking with the rapporteur, Miguel Company from Drakhar Studio, at the end of his talk. We finally went to eat with him.

In the Gamelab, as we have said, we had a stand of just 90 cm, in the indie area, and was a bit crowded. There were lectures and speakers with a high level, but unfortunately we could not attend all the lectures, as we had to be on the stand inviting people to play FairyTales, in order to receive feedback.

Finally, the IDBA was great as usual. And this time we arrived to take some burgers.



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