FairyTales: Game elements (III)

This week we show you a new game element, the exit portal

Remember that so far we have shown the Lady Firefly, the stairs and Mister Golem.

The exit portal, as its name suggests will allow us to exit the level, but to go through it must be active.

Later we will explain more about the conditions to activate the portal, for now here is the animation:

Hope you like it!

We’ll show FairyTales at Gamelab Barcelona

This year we will attend Gamelab Barcelona 2015, and exhibit our game FairyTales at the indie exhibitor.

You can find us between other indie studios in the Indie Hub.

Receive firsthand’s feedback and see the reactions of the players in live is very rewarding, so we are looking forward you to take hands on to play, and share your opinion.
Although we have never participated in an event like this and we’re a little nervous, sure we had a good time and disconnect a bit of daily work.

See you in Barcelona!

Unexpected visit

This Wednesday we received the visit of a group of primary school students who showed up in our office. Apparently, they were in a excursion in our area, and as their teacher knows us (she is my wife ;D), we were assaulted by 23 children of 7 or 8 years old, and how could it be otherwise they were our beta testers (we were afraid of say no).

They played the pre-alpha version of FairyTales with just one map and they loved it. They understood immediately the dynamics of the game and everyone wanted to play a game, which encourages us to continue with the project ^_^
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FairyTales: Game elements (II)

Following with the game elements (here you have the stairs and Mister Golem), we introduce you to Lady Firefly.

This game element acts as a switch, and as you can see in animation that we show below, its status (awake or asleep) indicates whether it is on or off.

Here is the animation:

Hope you enjoy it!

FairyTales: Game elements

This time we will show the progress we have made in the game elements. In FairyTales even we manage a fairy, it can not fly, so must use other elements to reach high altitudes.

We already presented Mister Golem, this time if we are going to show the “stairs” which are a growing vines that we can use to climb.

Here’s an animation:

Hope you like it!

Advances in FairyTales

This week we have been adding support for Legacy/DirectInput Joysticks on Windows, since it seems that do not work quite right, as in MindShake worked perfectly, we have ported the code. In that sense we liked Unity, as it is easily expandable. If something is not supported, you can create a dynamic library in C and fix it.

In the visual aspect, this week we focused on the background, creating a small shader for the sky, and adding some distant elements (such as mountains) to create depth. We have also created another small shader to simulate lava you can find on some rocks, and finally we added the shot of snails.

Apart from this, we have decided to reimplement the physical for the main character toward the world, because sometimes was not working quite right. It was initially implemented by colliders and triggers, but we thought it might work better using raycasting. The downside is that we had to redo a lot of work, but we are happy with the result.