FairyTales: Enemies design (II)

We have been working in order to define some enemies to the first phase of the video game and, at moment, the enemies will be ‘evil’ snails.

It could not be missed a flying enemy, in this case a group of snails have mutated in order to fly (thanks to beautiful butterfly wings), this way a new specie rises: the evil Flying Snail. Do not be distracted by its charm, because when it sees you it will not hesitate to attack you.

Another mutations that snails have suffered in this story has created the specie of the evil Runner Snail, which seems very angry and although it may seem contradictory, this snail chases you at full speed!

And here we show you the evolution of the designs:

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FairyTales: NPC design

This week we show you a new character of Fairy Tale´s universe, in this case he is not an enemy, but an neutral character: Mister Rock Golem.

This character does not have the ability of attack or defend himself, not even to move around the scenario. In other situations, a rock golem would be allowed to move and destroy everything in its wake, but in this case he would be less destructive…


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