Critical error on Xmas Mishap

We have detected a serious error in the current version of Xmas Mishap:
No texts are showing the game.

This error has been included by mistake in version 1.3, we have already sent a new version to Apple solving this problem, but we must wait the review period, which can take several days …
Meanwhile we have chosen to temporaly remove the app from the appstore.

Although you can play the game without seeing the text, after the first play we’ll stuck on the TOP10 screen, as in the top you should see a text that would take us back to the menu, but it does not appear so we can’t go back and we must exit the application if we want to try again.

Here you have a couple of screens of the game showing what it should look normally:

Start Menu with three options: Play, Options and Send to a friend.

Options section:

We apologize once again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause and hope to resolve it as soon as possible.

Christmas Mishap will be free this Christmas!

Our beloved videogame Christmas Mishap will be permanently free from Wednesday December 7.

We consider Christmas Mishap a very attractive casual game:
– Has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 in the AppStore in Spain.
– There are several good reviews in iTunes:
– 100% Christmas Spirit, highly suitable for these dates.
– Apple valued it “new and noteworthy” last year ^_^

If you have a blog and want to help us spread the word, here is the official press release:
Help us!

Hey! wait!
How is that right now when Christmas begins, and it is when you can sell this game, you do it free?
Well, almost a year ago this game was released so we think that has met our expectations and we think this is the right time for everyone to enjoy it.

We will not deny it, the Christmas spirit has returned to get us.

Note: soon will be available an update that makes it easier to play on the iPhone 4 and 4S.