Christmas Mishap 1.1 available in the AppStore

We picked up the criticism and advice from the users to improve the user experience of the game, and these are the changes we’ve added:
– Now It is nearly 40% easier to select gifts.
– Now you can play again from the record entry screen.
– Now the game stores the last name entered in the record text field.

Besides this, we added some animation and sound effects to make the game even more fun.

We hope you like it!

Hugh’s Shop on sale

Hugh’s Shop is the game that we developed together with Cheesecake Games and today gone on sale in the AppStore.

Hugh’s Shop is a fun game of skill where you have to move our hero: Hugh, so the fruit that falls from the tree will finish on his cart, and thus help keep his shop open.
In the game we will face different seasons, each with its own peculiarities, which makes the game more entertaining and dynamic.

Here you can see a video of the game in action:

Videogame web:
Buy for iPhone:

GeekWars! available on the AppStore

Today GeekWars! has been approved on the AppStore.

GeekWars! is an arcade game based on: Rock, Paper, Scissors but with two new elements: Spock and Lizard.

The rules are simple, each element can beat two other elements, draw or lose himself with the two remaining elements.

But it is not what it seems, there is not a turn-based game or anything like that, it is a shot’em up where you have to shoot quickly the appropriate element for each of the enemies that come in waves.

The game has exceptional music and graphics.

Here you can see a video:

We hope that you enjoy it.

Videogame WEB:
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Christmas Mishap is ready for sale in AppStore

As you will know, this is a Christmas-themed casual game with beautiful graphics and amazing music that works on iPhone 2G, 3G, 3G, iPhone 4 (leveraging Retina Display) and iPad. Taking advantage of the different resolutions.

Let the Christmas spirit take over you playing this fun game with Santa Claus!
We hope you enjoy it and you can enjoy it.

We remind you that the address of the website dedicated to the game is this:

And we leave the link to the AppStore:

Happy Christmas!

Christmas Mishap

We present our latest game: Christmas Mishap.

In collaboration with Grupo Enfoca we have developed a game for Christmas and not a seasonal adaptation. The idea and the concept are originally from Grupo Enfoca and we have taken part on the development tasks for iPhone/iPad.

In the game you must help Santa Claus to retrieve the gifts that are dropping from the bag, it has a brilliant soundtrack, with nice and fluid graphics, and a global score ranking. Will be available as soon as validated by the process of reviews of Apple at a price of $0.79/$0.99

Below you have a promotional video, hope you like it.

Game Site: